Frank says “NO!” to REBNY

The right to safe, affordable housing is a basic Green Party value. We fully support the efforts of union organizer and activist, Ray Rogers, and his Campaign to Stop REBNY Bullies.

From the campaign website:
“The Campaign to Stop REBNY Bullies seeks to end the political dominance of REBNY and its abuse of economic and political power. REBNY’s top policymakers have been described as a cartel of bullies and racketeers and REBNY as one of the worst institutions to ever plague NYC.

The Campaign stands by its claims that corrupt activities by many influential REBNY decision-makers and their companies are at the heart of the lack of affordable housing and homeless crisis, thousands of small businesses shutting down, hyper-gentrification and massive displacement, once vibrant neighborhoods disappearing, increasing construction worker fatalities and the compromising of our political system. Please visit and watch the 5-minute animated film ‘BULLIES’.”

Campaign to Stop REBNY Bullies
PO Box 1002 Cooper Station
New York, NY 10276-1002

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NYC Votes Video Voter Guide

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